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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Vote Monkey with a Blue Rosette Video

Now that I'm an A-List candidate for the Conservative Party, it is only fair that I have a promotional video. I knocked this together with the help of Johan and Vlad. I'll be touring the country visiting constituencies that are to select their prospective parliamentary candidates, and this video can only aid me in the attempt to get selected.

So sit back, get out the popcorn (or bananas!), and enjoy.

And don't forget to Vote Monkey with a Blue Rosette when it comes to selection in your consituency!


Grendel said...

Bloody marvellous, well done.

BTW which version of the ‘variation’ did you use?

Daily Referendum said...

Excellent video monkey. I'm inspired.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

Very moving... I am now inspired and hungry!

Smurf said...

Way better than Mark Clarks’.