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Monday, 3 September 2007

Dragons are political animals too

I must admit that I was rather dubious whether dragons would class as political animals, particularly as they fall into the field of crpytozoology, whereas yours truly is a subject of zoology. But after protestations from the political blogger ThunderDragon, I hereby declare that I am adding my Tory blogging friend to the blogroll. I'm not including Recess Monkey, though, as it's just a human pretending to be a monkey. How droll... Get some real simian DNA if you want to be a monkey!

Maybe next year Iain Dale can do a category in the next edition of his blogging book with list of a top twenty political animals?

1 comment:

ThunderDragon said...

Us dragons are only mythological because as soon as we show our face, some idiot dressed as a tin can comes after us with a pointy stick! I blame modern literature.

A little known fact about us dragons is that as impenetrable as our hides are, pointy sticks terrify us. Woe betide the man who made the first pointy stick!