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Sunday, 19 August 2007

My new friends - links to me

Checking out Technorati, it seems that I am making friends with my blog. Everyone who links to me, I intend to link back (as long as you are nice). Particular prominence will be given to those who give me bananas.

Of particular interest of recent links here is someone with ther rather odd moniker of "Miserable Old Fart", who suggests Ludlow could be more worthy of the title of the capital of Wales? Hmmm.... In his comments section, there's a comment on Offa's Dyke, the one-time border between England and Wales. To be honest with you, bwt, I always thought Offa's Dyke was a great name for the local massage parlour here in Ludlow....

But if I am making friends in Wales, too, it's time to brush up on my Welsh. What's the Welsh for Tory? Ceidwadwyr? How do you pronounce that?

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Rhys Wynne said...

Ceidwadwyr = Kay-doo-add-oo-err

My parents took me to Llwydlo (or Ludlow as you English insist on calling the place!) once when I was little. I went round the castle, but some dirty little begger had had a shit in one of the turrets - it was a warm day too.