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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Bloody Pikeys

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect (ah, bugger it, I'm drunk) I would like to come to the support of my fellow animal Basil Brush.

Basil Brush has come under fire for making a joke about gypsies, and is facing a reprimand by the BBC. Basil is a comedian, and a good pal of mine, and the old fox, although a teller of corny jokes, is a politically astute animal, although he does have a few liberal leanings. He endorsed a recent campaign on Facebook to allow interspecies relationships, but we'll let that pass for now.

I am willing to support him in his battle against the politically incorrect beasts of the BBC. The BBC has to be stopped in their stupid left-wing stance and censorship of my great mate, and allow him to voice legitimate opinions on gypsies and the thieving scrounger traveller community.

Now I have to clean up my room as I've just spilled Stella Artois on the floor.

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