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Thursday, 21 February 2008

CF Election hustings in Bristol 3

I would particularly like to thank John Moorcraft for his assistance in arranging my security at the event. I stayed with him for a couple of days and enjoyed a beer and a long chat or two with him, although I must say that the facilities he provided for my security and transportation from his house back to Ludlow left much to be desired.

That's the last time I ever travel by ParcelForce! Thank you for your hospitality, and f*** you for the piss-poor travel arrangements, John. There's only one thing to say in your favour, and that's that I met no North Koreans during the event. North Koreans scare me.


John Moorcraft said...

You should be bloody grateful. I had every intention of sending you back via second class post…I also heard you had some difficulties arriving in Bristol…I heard you nearly ended up in Portsmouth! Must have been pissed again Monkey!!!!

Wilberforce (Will) Monk said...

You and I have fallen out, John. I told you about the Pompey thing in confidence as well, and you betray my trust in you.